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Producer Work

April 26, 2014 in Producer Work

Cary Jaymes

Working with Singer-Songwriter Cary Jaymes is as fun as it is rewarding. Producing and recording Cary's debut album "Hold Me Close" has lead to on going projects such as "Stand Together" benefit for the Tucson Shooting victims. His colorful writing grows on you start to finish. View project
April 25, 2014 in Producer Work

Fat Tree

Translating Fat Tree's engaging live performances to something you can put in your pocket has been a welcome challenge. The ongoing journey of these super talented guys is producing an award winning, exciting, fun loving group with a deeper side through powerful songwriting. View project
June 22, 2013 in Producer Work

Dave Lawrence

Having known and worked with Dave for many years, it was an absolute pleasure recording and producing his debut album and developing master tracks for his live shows. This multi-talented musician and producer in his own right, weaves great storytelling into his music. View project