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Yael Live at the Grammy's

We are proud to feature "Yael" and her live performance during this year's 59th Grammy Celebration. The invitation only event is sponsered by The Grammy Soiree and The Indie Collabrative at world famous Kulaks in North Hollywood on Febuary 9th and February 10th at El Rey Theater, West Hollywood, CA. Be sure to have a listen to Yael's new releases HERE.
  Los Angeles, CA – K Squared Music and artist Yael is thrilled to announce the release of her songs “I Wanna Live in LA” and “Linger” and her live performance during Grammy week on February 9th, 2017 at Kulak's in North Hollywood, CA and on February 10th at El Rey Theater, West Hollywood, CA. Her song “I Wanna Live in LA” has just been placed on a new series on the FOX Television network.
  Yael, a recording artist and song writer, native to Antwerp, Belgium, whose travels abroad have ever-expanded her musical musings to places such as the Middle East, Africa, The Canary Islands and the United States, will share an opportunity to showcase her eclectic sound in front of industry professionals in the music industry’s biggest stage: during 59th annual Grammy week.
  Yael’s fluency in six languages gives her vocal inflection a unique distinction by default as her songs take you on an exotic voyage around the world. Her vast travels and experience give her unparalleled versatility in her songwriting skills, her composition range, and a vast range of styles from reggae, Latin, jazz, pop, hip hop, and easy listening.
  In collaboration with her producer Kevin Stratton, of K-Squared Music, Yael, an International songwriter and recording artist will showcase an acoustic set of her single “I Want to Live in LA” at Kulak's on Feb 9th, followed by a live band performance of her song “Linger,” at “The Soiree” in Del Rey Theater on Feb 10th.
  K Squared Music, LLC, an Arizona corporation, which is a unique and diverse Artist developer that prides itself in working on conscientious projects that make a difference in people’s lives through the universal medium of music.
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