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Featured Artists

January 15, 2020in Producer Work

Kevin Stratton

Here you will find a sample of Kevin's latest work, including sound design, album music, guest artist appearances, photo albums and more. View project
January 10, 2020in Producer Work

Tom Hopkins

Producer-Composer-Artist Tom Hopkins is one of those amazing artists who's music has impacted so many. It has been said of Tom “You may not be familiar with his name, but this man has been involved in nearly every aspect of your life without you even knowing it.” View project
October 20, 2019in Kevin's Projects, Producer Work

This Is All Now

K Squared is proud to welcome this earth shattering group to our family of outstanding artists. This Is All Now is a smoking hot group from Long Island, New York and they are way ahead of the game. Look for exciting things from these guys this year. View project
August 5, 2019in Producer Work

Steven Deeds

Steven Deeds is a natural fit in our family of artists and I am proud to bring to the table his unique sound and soulful voice. Have a listen to his new releases here. View project

Jerred Williamson

We are proud to feature this multi-talented musician and award winning performer here. This young prodigy is an up and coming entertainer and songwriter that continues to show his ability to be professional and relevant in all that he lays his hand on View project


Mixing and Mastering the Hot, Progressive, Jazz of Unlimited. Going everywhere fast. Jermaine and the boys have a wicked sound and songwriting that makes them a premiere eclectic group. View project
June 16, 2018in Producer Work

Kevin Lucas Orchestra

Kevin won the 'American Songwriting Awards' in the 'Adult Alternative' category for his song 'New World Orchestra', and received 10 other nominations in categories including 'Hollywood Music in Media' award for his 'Greensleeves'. "Echoes in the Sand" music video was nominated for a 'Global Peace Song Award' Please welcome to the family an amazing artist who have been a friend for years....Kevin Lucas. View project
August 12, 2017in Producer Work


Steve and I are proud to present and welcome to the family ... ColePrit. View project
June 15, 2017in Producer Work


A World of Music...Music for the World. It is a privilege to introduce this amazing songwriting talent as a part of our team. View project
May 20, 2017in Producer Work


Books could be written about this amazing force of nature. Having begun my work taking her to the 22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards where she won Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year as her Executive Producer, our work together has continued to build one powerful team. View project
May 16, 2017in Producer Work

Michael Land

Michael Land is one of those powerful multi-talented individuals that has a voice that just doesn't stop and songwriting that backs it up. Professional through and through, Michael's abilities musically and with business demonstrate he is here to stay. It is my pleasure to feature him here. View project
May 15, 2017in Producer Work

Michael Raven

Michael is one of those amazingly multi-talented individuals. His reach within the entertainment business is as diverse as his songwriting. Having known and worked with Michael for a number of years It's great to feature him here. View project
August 27, 2016in Producer Work


Veteran songwriter Mark Summerlin (BE, Seal, David Foster) and guitarist T.J. Scarlett (Rut-Bustin’ Guitar, RiverBilly) have joined forces forming the Arkansas-based rock band, Honeyjack. I am excited to be working with these amazing guys... so enjoy a taste of what's to come in 2016. View project
August 26, 2016in Producer Work

Alek Sandar

Alek Sandar brings us fresh unique sound of contemporary Pop and EDM music...Our amazing euro addition to our Universal family. Alek Sandar - singer producer / songwriter is teaming up with K2-Music to take his his amazing music to a larger domestic audience. Welcome to the family! View project
July 12, 2016in Producer Work

Christina Custode

Christina is described as "....angelic, sultry, and full of passion...beautiful, full of images, that separates her...A timeless quality will endure through the saturated industry of fabricated singer songwriters....A breath of fresh air!" Welcome Christina to our family! View project
July 13, 2015in Producer Work

Steve Douthit

Steve is an amazing songwriter and equally talented performer that gives you just what you want, diverse in his heartfelt songwriting as he is a family man. It is my pleasure to feature him here. View project