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59th Annual Grammy's

Grammy Soiree Red Carpet with Yael.
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Overview of our 59th Annual Grammy Awards

59th Annual Grammy Awards Live on CBS
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Yael's Grammy Soiree band.

Performing LIVE at El Rey Theater the biggest week in music.. JB "The Drum Killa'" Baker, Jarred Williamson, Steve Jennings, Kevin Stratton
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Grammy Night with Yael

Ready to kick off the biggest night in music.
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Overview of our 58th Annual Grammy Awards

58th Annual Grammy Awards Live on CBS
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58th Grammy Red Carpet Artists

Christina Custode, Mandy (IPR), Alek Sandar, Tehrah, Coleprit
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Grammy Night with Christina Custode

Ready to kick off the biggest night in music.
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Now a word from our sponsors...

Mandy Albritton (Imagine Peace Records) and Leo Rodgers (Bungalo - Universal Music Group)
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Christina Custode - Red Carpet

58th Grammys
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Rise Above The Noise.

Music isn't a game show.
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Overview of our 49th Annual CMA Awards

49th Annual CMA Awards Live on ABC in November
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Proud to kick off 2016 at the CMA's

Learn more about our Country artists like Honeyjack we are taking to the CMA's this year.
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Tehrah, Mark Summerlin and Dave Lawrence 49th CMA's

Mark Summerlin of Honeyjack, Tehrah and the K Squared gang.
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Live Music Rocks!

Make some noise!
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Overview of our 57th Annual Grammy Awards

57th Annual Grammy Awards live on CBS in Febuary
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Tehrah, Tom Hopkins and Steven Deeds 57th Grammys

Our Artists at the Grammy Pre show
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Grammy Concert with Tehrah and Tom Hopkins

56th Annual Grammy Nomination Concert
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Grammy nominees Tehrah and Tom Hopkins with Kevin - Red Carpet

22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards
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Take Your Music Seriously.

Sir Paul McCartney from our SkyBox at Gila River Arena
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The Soul and Science of Music

Ready to believe in YOUR music?
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Just Another Day at the Office

Some days, I just wanna cut the blue wire.
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Art, Science...Inspiration

Ready to Listen.
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Capture the Magic

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Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented artists; walking the road I share with each of them; passing the same advice given to me early on...'passion, faith and persistence...'. It shows in the music and connects with everyone that sees and hears you. It's why music finds it's way into everyone's life.

"I know when an artist begins to work with me, it’s my job to push them toward greatness, get something out of them they didn't know was there."... "What's most amazing to me is that all our artists have formed a family together; we encourage and lend talent for each others success. Never a job and always a surprising joy."

This philosophy has shaped the way Kevin has approached everything in his more than three decades as a music producer, composer, arranger, and recording artist. To get a taste of how that benefits you, see how it's working for some of his clients in Featured Artists.

So why am I here? For you. If you're ready to shape your sound, sharpen your business, take your music serious and "Rise Above the Noise"....I'm ready to listen.

Let's Begin...Colossians 3:16

Kevin Stratton is a voting member of The Grammy's National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Inc.

Kevin Stratton is a voting member of The Country Music Association.

Kevin Stratton is a proud partner with Imagine Peace Records exclusively distributed by Universal Music Group.